Handbook 2021

Firstly, thank you for volunteering to be Coaches and Managers. I am sure you will find the season challenging, exciting and fun.

You will need help and the committee are here for you. This document hopefully holds everything you need to know, please take the time to read it. Not knowing something may lead to fines, loss of team points and suspensions.

I will start with our house rules;


  1. First team on puts nets up, last team takes them down, this includes if you are the home team or at a neutral field.
  2.  Abide by all Clubs rules, only team officials are allowed within designated areas,
    this area will be marked by a fence or rope.
  3. Please put your rubbish in the bin.
  4. No glass bottles are permitted at any field.
  5. No smoking within 10 meters of facility buildings. Smoking is banned in spectator areas at public sports grounds and other recreational areas in NSW.
  6. Teams will be required to help around the field, in the canteen and on the BBQ, there will be times that teams will be rostered, many hands make light work.
  7. We follow a COVID SAFE PLAN. Please maintain this at home and away.


  1. Equipment is available for training to use, we ask if you use it, you put it back
    where it belongs.
  2. You will be provided with a training kit, these kits remain the property of RCSFC and must be returned at the end of the season. Deliberate damage or loss may incur a cost to replace.
  3. Match Balls for home games are available from the canteen and must be returned after the game.
  4. Playing shirts are white and must be worn unless there is a colour clash, then the yellow will be worn, both shirts are to be taken to the game. If a shirt is lost there will be a cost to replace it. There will be no shirts to borrow from the canteen. If a shirt is damaged during play the committee will decide to replace it and if it will incur a cost.


  1. The Statistic Sheet and Player of the Year Points Sheet are needed for presentation day, please fill them in or someone may miss out.

Game days:

  1. Game fixtures will be emailed, printed and posted on our Facebook page, for late changes, if any, a text will be sent to coaches and managers.
  2. All Fields should be considered open, field closures will be posted on our Facebook page, a text will be sent to coaches and managers only asking you to inform your team
  3. The team requires a ground official ( team marshall ) for each game. This person will wear the vest provided. there name will be put on the team sheet. Their job is to patrol side line behavior of our spectators, not anyone else, and to report back to the club any issues or incidents.
  4. Match sheets must be completed in full. More details and a guild follows.
  5. Please send a photo of the teams Game Trophy winner to the club so we can put them on our media. The Game Trophy should find it’s way around every player through out the season. It is an encouragement award, not always for the best player.
  6. Make sure that the statistics are recorded and sent through.

Below, you will find, links to the game information you will need.

Ground Locations. https://bdsfa.com/grounds/

BDSFA Competition Regulations 2021

U5-7 BDSFA Regulations

U8 BDSFA Regulations

U9 BDSFA Regulations

U9 Girls BDSFA Regulations

U10 BDSFA Regulations

U11 BDSFA Regulations

BDSFA Premier League Regulations 2021

You will find more information on our Resource page.

Matchsheets 2021

Matchsheets will require the coach and manager to down load the Dribl App. Details will be provided in the guide.



Ropes Crossing FC 2021 Committee

President: Adam Hartas 0403311783
Vice President Anthony Xerri
Secretary: Jodie Crawley 0404036278
Treasurer: Andrew Turner
Competition Secretary: Brady Haskins
Canteen Manager: Sarah Mete
School Liason Officer:
Miniroos Program Manager: Mark Kelly
Sponsorship Coordinator: Micheal Viera, Adam Hartas 0403311783

General Members; Richard Tompkins,

Positions on the Committee are available, if you’re interested in having a say and giving a hand please come speak to any one of us.

Please remember when contacting committee members, that they are volunteers. They have family and work. Our committee members will always endeavor to help you as promptly as possible.